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Frontier Email Setting

Frontier Email Server Setting for Outlook 2010

Follow the below mentioned Frontier email server settings for Outlook 2010.

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Frontier email settings

Frontier Email Settings

Go to Outlook, choose ‘File’ and choose ‘Info’.

Follow The Below Steps For Frontier Email Settings

* Choose with ‘Add Account’.
* Choose on the circle next to ‘Manually configure server settings’, & go for click ‘Next’ option.
* Choose the ‘Internet Email’, go for ‘Next’ option.
* Go for the accompanying steps now:

* In the 'Client Information' region, enter your name in the 'Your Name' field, and enter your Frontier email address in the 'Email Address' field.

* In the 'Server Information region', select POP3 as the Account Type, enter for the 'Incoming Mail Server (POP3)', and enter for the 'Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)'.

* In the 'Login Information area', enter your full email address in the 'Username' field, and your secret word in the 'Password' field.

- Additional steps for the Frontier email settings

  1. Go with ‘More Settings’.
  2. On the ‘General tab’, enter the ‘Mail Account’, for example, your Frontier email address, or Frontier
  3. Choose the ‘Outgoing Server tab’, selecting with ‘My Outgoing Server (SMTP) requires authentication’, and ‘Use the same for incoming mail server’.
  4. Go for ‘Advanced’ tab

For the ‘Incoming mail server’ enter 995. Tick the box having ‘This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)’.
For the ‘Outgoing mail server’ enter 465. Choose with the SSL from the dropdown menu by ‘Use the following type of encrypted connection’.

  1. Choose ‘OK’.
  2. Ensure there is a check stamp beside ‘Test Account Settings by clicking the Next button’.
  3. Choose ‘Next’.
  4. Choose ‘Finish’.
Hence the steps for the frontier mail settings ends here but if one is looking for more additional steps for it can refer to the above mentioned link.
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